Incense in Washington DC

The lack of incense (decent quality or otherwise) in Washington DC is actually one of the major reasons that drove the birth of Incense Boutique.  My mother has always been an incense fanatic. She was born and raised in India but came over to the United States in the late 1970s.  She brought with her devout Hindu practices and an Indian spiritual tradition that included burning lots and lots of incense.  She would light an incense stick for morning prayers and proceed to carry it to every room in the house to spread the spiritual goodwill created through the prayer and manifested through the incense smoke and fragrance.  It served to purify the household and promote positive spirituality.

Unfortunately, the Washington DC area was a veritable incense desert.  There wasn't much to be found at all or reliably. Every time she would come and visit me in New York City, she would purchase tons of incense from a large Indian emporium.  Worst of all, the incense at the New York emporium wasn't even that good quality.  And thus the seed of an idea for Incense Boutique was born.

We will post spots to get incense in Washington DC on this blog post as we come across them.