Incense in New York

Hi yalls! I'll be using this post to cover my travails in the New York incense scene.  I've generally found it to be pretty lacking from an all around perspective.  Most of the stuff that is sold in the health store bodegas is lower to medium end derivative product that is simply meant to "check" the incense box for the store.  Don't mean to be negative but that's just how it is!  In fact, the tremendous difficulty in finding dependable, high quality incense was the primary driver in making this site in the first place!

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I was recently at a New York street fair where one of the vendors was selling aromatherapy products. They had some large bunches of incense sticks for sale that were wrapped in tin foil. Naturally, I bought a bunch to try them out.  Let's be real here.  There's not much out there that's more interesting than mystery crudely packaged incense sticks from a couple of guys who just don't care.

Incense sticks from street fair in New York City

Incense sticks from street fair in New York City

I bet you already guessed how this one turned out.  Ostensibly, they were patchouli incense sticks.  In practice, they were not.  After removing the tightly wound tin foil covering, a heavy chemical aroma released into the air.  It wasn't a good first step. I took one stick and burned it for a brief yet reasonable duration (a few minutes).  There wasn't much scent to the aroma and it just smelled like smoke.  About 15 minutes after burning the incense stick, I began to feel a little sick. :( 

Mission failed!  Sometimes when you play the incense game you lose...but you can't find the gems if you don't try them at all!  Next time you're at a New York street fair, beware of the incense!