Reed Diffusers - Fragrancing the Bathroom

Reed diffuser feeling the flow, keeping it fresh

So I was chilling at the Good Karma Café (I wonder how many cafes in the U.S. are named this? I bet a lot) in Center City, Philadelphia just soaking in well, the good karma...when I noticed that they had had a pretty cool system for keeping their bathroom smelling good.  They had several reed diffusers located inconspicuously throughout the small single seat bathroom.  One was on the window sill (pictured), two were perched high up on a cabinet and one was on the tank.  The reed diffusers were transparent but simple in their design and innocuous in their placement.  They provided just enough of a scent to keep the bathroom fragrant without hitting you in the face with it, courtesy of the slow-rolling perfuming system provided by the reeds.  It struck me as a novel yet easy way to perfume the bathroom.  Simply refill the diffuser when it gets low and let it permeate slowly through the reeds and into the air. 

For those of you who have never heard of a reed diffuser, it's simply a container with fragrant solution in which several wooden reeds have been placed.  Over time, the fragrant solution is soaked up slowly at the base of the reeds, passed through its length and out into the air.  It paints the air with the subtly of the fragrant solution. 

Giant Buddha watching over patrons of the Good Karma Café bathroom...

Kudos to the Good Karma Café on a novel bathroom perfuming system which stays true to its Zen roots and also on the giant Buddha keeping watch on the bathroom patrons.  That's cool too.