Incense Boutique is passionate about incense, but we're also passionate about meditation.  We've included a few free meditations that you can listen to if you're feeling stressed or just want to take things down a notch.  These are great for both beginners looking for a first taste of a guided meditation or for more experienced practitioners looking to reinvigorate their practice.    

A Quick Note on Meditation

Meditation takes practice! Don't be discouraged if your thoughts wander or if you have trouble focusing.  By continuously bringing our attention back to the meditation, we meditate!  Over time and with practice, you will become much better at focusing and getting deeper into the meditation.  Allow the taste of relaxation and a bit of a calm mind that you experience to prove to you that if your mind can become that much more peaceful, it has the potential to become A LOT more peaceful.  If you work at these meditations, you will find that you derive new and exciting benefits as you practice.  Enjoy!

Guided Mind and Body Relaxation Meditation

This is a powerful 7 minute guided body relaxation meditation.  By directing our various body parts to relax through discerning mental focus, we bring relaxation to our entire being, mind and body alike.  The mind provides the tool through which the body can relax, and the mind's singular focus on relaxation allows it to let go of the clutter which normally obscures its pure, calm nature.  The mind links with the breath to connect with the body and close the internal circuit, allowing our peace to be created from within.     

he meditation is extremely versatile and can be used for starting the day with a relaxed mind and body, taking a break at work, letting go of anxiety, priming the mind for deeper meditation or for many other such uses.

Breathing Meditation for a Clear, Calm Mind

This 8 minute meditation guides us to focus on our breath and let go of our other, unnecessary (most are) thoughts.  By systematically filling our mind with our breath, we let go of our other thoughts because they are no longer important and because our singular focus does not acknowledge them.  Our singular mental focus acknowledges the breath and the breath alone and shows us that our thoughts can bother us because we entertain them and not because of any inherent external properties we imagine are acting upon us.

While still a basic meditation, this meditation goes deeper than a cursory breathing meditation and challenges the practitioner to maintain acute, singular focus.

This 5 minute guided meditation gently drops us into a space of stillness and ease.  By focusing on our breath. we can let go of our extraneous thoughts and reconnect with our pure potential for calm and happiness. This meditation is perfect for a quick work break or if we are feeling overwhelmed and just need a quick reset. 

This 4 minute guided breathing exercise is designed to bring calm to our minds and clear our nasal cavity to ease the flow of breath.  By alternating our breath from nostril to nostril we bring our focus to the breath and let go of distracting thoughts.  The exercise distills an amazing calm and soothing quality into our psyche and helps clear out the stale energy from our breathing passage.  Alternate nostril breathing is a very popular yogic exercise in India and is frequently used in the morning or before prayer.